What I Listened To When I Listened To Music This Week – Leonard Cohen – Popular Problems

really good review of Leonards ew album

For The Rabbits

Live fast, die you, and leave a beautiful corpse

James Dean said that…. what a load of nonsense! Lately the evidence for living slow, dying old and leaving a wrinkly corpse is piling up!

Jonny Cash arguably put his best albums out in his 70’s, shortly before his untimely death. Dolly Parton’s still churning out country-hits and drawing huge crowds at 68, and David Bowie’s not been this prolific in a long time, despite being well into his sixth decade.

Bruce Springsteen & Mick Jagger are still seen as sex symbols, despite strutting (somewhat embarrassingly) about the place well into their 60’s and Bob Dylan’s racked up album number 46 in just 52 years, and you wouldn’t bet against him making it to 50 before he hits his 80’s.

Talking of 80’s, perhaps the oldest swinger still in town, Mr Leonard Norman Cohen, has just reached his, even he though…

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