The Irish language

As well as ruling the world the Irish also own the world of linguistics by the introduction of one word which covers every possible known sentence in the world. This word is unique to Ireland and is of course “feck”.
Feck can mean anything that you want it to mean but it has to be used wisely because of how powerful a word it is. It also has extensions such as fecker which is it in noun form. And feckless which is a new kind of feck used by posher types. As an example take the following sentence in common use .” Feck sake paddy you only after tearing the guts out of the bitch.” Which translates to ” ah now paddy what did you go and drive the tractor at such a high speed for and destroy the engine “.
Or “I feck the little fecker up good and proper the little gobshite” one translation of this would be “I shall severely reprimand my young son for doing something a bit silly”

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