The petal passes

She walks into his life and passes in front of him and he can feel inside of her. One day she stops him doing something he knew he never wanted to do, but that moment of her passing breeze is all it takes to stop him,

He sits and he realises that the feeling that had been beyond his grasp, that something he wondered about, the soft pillow that he sank into at times. it was them, it was the shadows that he feels at his back. its the voices he cant hear but that he can feel. They have been the layer around him when the sense of the unknown permeated to his essence.

His desire for her is hidden behind respect more than the cowardliness of fear of her response. Yet in thoughts he has touched her and she has responded. If the reality of life harbours on the thoughts of the mind then he has loved her, with everything inside of himself.

Then the petal passes whispering on the wind and inside the emptiness is filled with wonder

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