Writing Class Week 2

Week two and the learning continues. I am glad I have actually done a year of writing before this so that the stuff I am learning now makes sense and I can put it in a context. Interesting meeting old friends and new and talking to people who write. Its the most refreshing thing in the world to talk to someone who sees the world the way I do.

How do I see the world? I hope I see it as an adventure where everything is a story. Everything from the group dynamics of the class today, who sat where, why they sat where they sat? The interaction between people. The stories people tell you or that you hear and the way they are potential stories or parts of stories or characters in a story. The whole world as a technicolour of potential and wonder. The Walter Mitty syndrome that I aspire to harnessing.

Anyway so all through the class while learning about story structures and character analysis I was getting more and more excited about writing using the proper formulas and how I can mould and adjust it to the way I want my stories to be told.

Nice auld cup of coffee in the canteen as well but even better was coming home changing into the pjs, cutting two big slabs of home made brown bread and getting a heap of ham and a big glass of water, then motoring up the laptop and getting down to the one thing that has filled the void inside of me, writing.

Thanks to everyone who has liked my blog so far I am buzzing out of writing it and reading all the amazing stuff on other peoples blogs

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