Writing as a hobby

It’s the realisation that writing can be a hobby that has really made a difference in my life.
When people hear that you write they ask questions such as those on this picture

Which I think can get you into that frame of mind where everything is aimed towards been published. It came to me the other day that this was the wrong approach as it somehow stifles your writing when you know it’s going to be sent to someone for approval. Where as when your mind has decided it’s only a hobby then you are free to write what you want to write yourself . That’s when the real pleasure for me anyway has come into this writing malarkey.
So today I worked on a play about two people having an affair which is all dialogue and is so much fun to write and tonight on a novel about an Irish writer and his quest to write a book . This novel has loads of sex and violence and humour and the madness of an Irishman .


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