Have you ever played darts before

well no but i seen it on the telly

look it doesn’t matter just hit the board when its our turn, ill do the rest when its my go.

ah yeah no bother where do i stand

behind the line

right you are, so its us two against them two

your quick on the uptake

Are we betting money

yeah no bother i’m a champion thrower

ah great we are sorted.

Jaysus its a long way to the board,

ah you be grand

i have a bit of a problem with judging distances


My eyes

what are you on about

My eyes there crooked so i cant judge distances

ah here just throw the dart

right you are, hang on will you tell those chaps to move

Those arent chaps , those are nutters and if i ask them to move they will probably kill me so just throw the dart, they are miles away from the board

Right here we go

quick run  will you. He is after taking it out of his head and he dont look happy

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