The Irish Flood

The lord looked on from the burning bush and he said “Paddy I will cast you from this land and drive a flood through the plains killing all the people and animals and birds”

“Ah you cant be doing that now, all water usage is metered around here if you leave your tap on it will cost you a fortune ” Replied paddy

“I am the lord I can do as I please. You shall build an arc and take 2 of all of my creatures aboard a male and a female”

“Ah you cant do that what about the gay lads they wont be happy with that carry on”

“I am your lord I can do as I please, I will cast down death and fire upon all the sinners”

“Sure the water from the flood will destroy the fires and you would want to mind yourself sure your own bush could be put out”

“”You will the foundation of the new world. you will plant your seed and populate the world”

“With the wife”

“Of Course”

“Ah here hold on now, have you seen her?”

“Of course I have she is one of my children”

“I was wondering who she took after? No I cant be having that. I will need a new model”

“you cant leave your wife that is fornication”

“now your talking”

“I think I may go to Israel and find Noah”

“Off you go your at nothing threatening us with floods”


“Sure Ireland is fecking flooded half of the year”

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