Did you kiss him

Did you kiss her
No Nora saw you
No you didn’t
Your nothing but a bastard
Fuck off
Don’t cry
You never loved me
I will always love you
You couldn’t
I could and i do
Was it her legs
I didn’t kiss her
Nora said you were behind the hotel wrapped around each other
Ouch what you do that for
I had to hit something
I just gave her a hug
I knew it she is a tramp wearing a skirt showing of all she has to the world
She was upset about her father
Do I look stupid
Her father died last week she was crying
I have known her for years and she was crying I just hugged her
Nora said you were all over each other
Nora is jealous

Extract from a book of conversations I am working on

(C) frank Mcgivney 2014



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