My Wild Petal

My Wild Petal

Born of love and lust a wild petal in natures play.

She skipped with frenzied fun along the street

where her stripped smile stole her lovers desire.

She loved me for a moment scorching my heart,

my mind, my body, my soul in awe and fire.

To freedom’s choir her fist stretched out,

touching its cascading waters that cooled

the pervading fire, that spread in roaring flames,

stoking her bloods inferno through passionate veins.

In her dance’s wake I lost my heart’s longing.

Its tempted core lay in the sandy dust dying.

An infinite moment devoid of a desire to live.

Searching my tortured soul with liquid eyes,

reaching out with a fragile hand of lust,

she caressed me lovingly, healing all with one

delicious kiss from her tender lips.  Her moist

residue,  faded in an arid dew as she drifted

absently within her mind of dreams, as I

watched in tears, her slip from my embrace.

She was the delicate yarn of a  spiders web.

Her naked body of silk thread spun with care.

Bent and moved by the gentlest of winds yet

her mind stood stoic against the strongest of gales.

Any wind of adventure could blow her away to

float far above the common design of man.

With her crazed gait in platform boots

each step wilted her pain, to light the path

upon that eternal voyage where she drifted that day.

Her hands held the oars that lead her to

that distant destination unknown, where

the craziness languished deep  inside of her,

with dancing arms outstretched for her embrace.

(C) Frank McGivney 2014


2 thoughts on “My Wild Petal”

  1. There is some simply gorgeous imagery in this poem, and its style and structure draws the reader in so that they are almost unaware where one line/image ends and another begins.
    For me this is a wonderful extended metaphor for Love. Fabulous writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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