The writing of a poem

I don’t know if it will be much good but I like it so far. The poem I helped write when on a forest adventures with my children I care and share with my first and only love. My best friend and wife was ill so we headed out on a hike, me , her and him, one daddy and two childer, They complained while laughing. We do that a lot in our house, laugh and joke. The camera ran out of battery, we got lost , kind of anyway and our boots were muddy. The people saluted us back as we walked in the county my father was raised. They like him know the true meaning of life. By a ruined boathouse we picnicked with apples and bananas and a bottle of water. They played I watched and talked and wrote . He gave me mad words and lines while she gave me sweet lines with beautiful words and together we wrote a poem by the side of a lakes gentle ripples. It’s the best lake poem ever written. It doesn’t rhymn it won’t be published and poets might scoff but to us it’s the poem we wrote by the lake and that makes it the best one. We missed the last part of our family of four but she was there with open arms and love when we came home and she was better of not seeing the muddy paths and the worms and the knocks and the wet woods we explored.


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