i know I been chained

By the sins of the song

I know I been judged

By the words of the poem

They sung to my soul

I know I been taken down

Where the sun shines

I know I been caged

In the hell of heavens cloud

You gotta tell me 

Tell me straight 

That you love me

That you need me

That I can kill you

I can smell the rope

The hangmans chain

The wax of his erection

It’s swinging for me now

Above the barking

I can smell their bullshit

I can sense their lies

I can taste your blood

On my lips

I know I’ve been left

To swing

Above the ground 

Back and forth

I know my eyes are bulging

The silent scream 

I can finally hear  roar

I know I’ve been saved 

As the fire burns 

My skin to peace 

Francis McGivney 19 April 2015


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