The Ceili

The Ceili

She had a face beneath the red hair,

And eyes which shone in some fathers smile

Her freckles were large in places

Never small to match her eyes

Her breasts shook as her hips rolled

Her thighs would consume a man

My stance was aloof

My chin set narrowing my eyes

Her gyrating built to a crescendo

Tearing into pumping veins

Rising inside

the need

To be the meal for her feeding

I passed the glares

The hungry lustful stares

Of willing girls with smiling

Pockets waiting for lining

She looked my way

with a willing glance

I extended a bare arm

A hand stretching to her body

She stepped forward

Her smell of roses tainted with sweat

Drifted in the air, brushing my shoulder

I stared in her wake

Her ass swinging bumping the hips

Of a farmer with a crooked nose

A slanted smile, an unpleasant disposition

And enough cows to keep her figure expanding

(c) Francis McGivney  28.04.15

something just for fun of a day when a client dropped me in two trout as a bit of a present, happy days

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