The Final Call (each line the other person)

It’s not you it’s me.

I’m sure you’re the one.

I knew you would see.

It hit me with an ass’s bite.

It was fates path to stroll.

Meandering from night shadows.

Wasn’t it there for the seeing?

No, It turns out love is blind.

Our loves seed we could plough?

It’s you not your crop in need of growth.

My whole could surround your soul?

I’m alone while crowded you fool.

We were designed to be an us.

A flawed pattern built for lust.

Stall the blame, you knew.

How love is the answer you blew?

It’s long lost for me and you.

Find me now, the past we’ll flout.

My will to live yells out to lie.

My need to love begs my beau.

My inner mind rejects your plea.

Consider now your outer view?

It’s entrapped by her, found new.

© Frank McGivney 08.08.14- 01.05.15

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