a midnight swim

His midnight swim

his hat lay low on the Sunday sand

fending of the rays of a hungry moon

his withered hand twirled the pen

images appearing where white once ran

sunsets lost and mornings found

cocaine screams and hashish dreams

he stood and sank on the oceans roar

stepping once then twice a midnight whore

beneath the ripples a fish lapped past

ticking his future, forgetting the rest

his strokes shock wide into natures caress

his rhythm singing his final tune

his mind held while it all stopped

his heart beat floundered

his lungs collapsed

his skin forgotten his body lost

his thought remained ,

Fear the warrior

he vanquished with peace

love of the one who went before

took all he had from their empty shore.


Francie mcgivney 02.05.15

I post these things i write without editing them because i like the rawness. Why keep them on a page unseen or a computer disk forgotten. They all need editing they all need work, they aren’t that good but hey who gives a shite they are thoughts from my mind and as the mouse said to the cats mouth I’m better out than in

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