A kaleidoscope of ink pressed the words of no

What has been should be and always will be

The words of a man they call a god

Printed now to condemn the few who love

Not woman or man but man and woman

Twisted inside they twist the plot to suit

What they believe is true will always be true

Is their earth still flat with a sun orbiting their fear

Fear of a man marrying a man

The horrendous thought of a woman loving a woman

The shocking realisation of their truth been lies

A cook, a florist, a wedding cake maker afraid their

Right to be a bigot will be swept to sea by the wave

Of gay men and gay women and straight men

Voting for gay women and gay women loving

Straight men and straight women loving a gay

Man and they all confused because they don’t want

To serve a table with two black suits instead of one.

But you see in a corner where the truth lives

Those who have a mind, realise the real concern

Is not the marriage, is not the love, is not the sex.

all those are of no more concern than a fly on a pen

rather the Irish inquisition with a different rack

the velvet dresses passed on silently to torture forever.

© Francie McGivney 13.05.15

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