The Bar made no Reply

The Bar Made no Reply

The bar was the third

The keep was the fourth

The woman with no teeth made up the quintet

Until they walked in blossoms of earth

Bringing the leprechaun’s path to gold on their chest

“Who the fuck does he think he is” the paddy enquired

“The state of your one” the patsy replied

Their erections would have stirred on their own accord

With the blue pill consumed for the Sunday night

For the cook out of sight alone with her dreams

The toothless one smiled behind her frown

Remembering the smell of him she once felt

Her heart flew to another town, another life

And left with a smile the quartet would miss

“He’ll catch the clap” the keep informed

The bar creaked no reply

“Children by different men” the other two uttered

I’d pay her money their eyes confirmed

“Two vodkas and red bull” the tattoo one asked

“You what” the three who could talk replied

“There’s none of that in these parts” the keep was sure

“Smirnoff and ice” he conceded, no need to be their fool

“No pint, he’s not a man” patsy was drooling

“No Bra “Paddy was dreaming

“He will have a black one next” the money he counted

The bar creaked no reply

“A shower of oddballs” she smiled

“Weirdos of the highest order” he whispered

The curtains in the window creaked to their exit

Their clothes and dreams shone beneath an accepting sun

with love for each other the quintet was forgotten.

© Francie McGIvney 15.05.15

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