the rocky way

this is lovely country side
A load of auld bollix
you what
sure look at it, its desperate
its a bit run down alright
run down are you mad, the place is only fit for blowing up
ah now Paddy
serious look at the state of the walls on the fields they haven’t seen white wash in years
still its lovely the old stone walls
they are in their arse,
what bite your arse
carry on there and be minding your own business
where is the home place anyway
up yonder beyond that tree and the hawthorn bush
Right you are.
Pull over to fuck there.
Jaysus fecking sheep
that’s a goat
no its not
its a hairy goat
fuck of
yeah serious
still in all its lovely here
fecking idiot,
where is our home place
over yonder
what you think
of what
the home place
in front of you
theres only a miserable looking rough field in front of me
yeah beautiful isn’t it, I grew up here
jaysus, explains a lot
so right where’s the house
our standing on it
fuck of
reverse up the van and we will throw the rocks in
right you are
only the house rocks
how will I know which ones
just take the nice looking ones

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