The missing manual

its a boy

Are you sure

Yeah of course 

Yeah of course

It’s tiny

It’s not an it


He is a he

Oh of course

Mad isn’t it

What the child

No that we have one

I know what’s his name

It doesn’t come with one

I know that


No way


Feck of


Have you been on the beer

Seamus I like Seamus

It will get bullied with that handle

Ah right


Yeah paul

So what’s next

Mmmm well you know

Yeah of course yeah I know


I haven’t a clue

Oh here he’s crying

What’s wrong

I don’t know

Check the manual

What manual

The book you know

What book

Do they not give you a book

No they don’t

Ah right fair enough

Prob hungry

Like its father then 

Francie Mcgivney just now half asleep writing this. 

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