he clicked the can of beer while

Tom waits sang a song 

Words about a drunken keyboard melody

I walked and talked to myself

And the girl had a bikini on in freezing waves

The flowers were purple some blue some just there

The sand was Peebles and the dog with the bone

Didn’t much care

The cig end sat beside me keeping the company 

Of one whose mind drifted inside meditating to freedom

And the accents are different but the people are the same

Somewhere lovers are kissing and dreamers are sitting

The skaters whosh and the brown legs excite

The terrace are hut residents only

While the seagulls sing the song of my soul

I smile and I write and I am the dreamer 

The soul seeker, the wonder searcher
Francie McGivney 12 June 2015 chilling at the sea in Eastbourne 

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