The short one 

turns out the short one was a man with pride

The barkeep who winked a kiss in his face 

Bleed on the stretcher while the nurse 

Removed the whiskey glass shreds

He had played pitcher for a horizontally 

Challenged baseball team in Japan

In some city not Tokyo some other one

He named but which I can’t pronounce

And don’t feel the inclination to spell

And the cuff wouldn’t fit but that was no 

Concern to the broken down divorced cop

Who shook his hand and let him go outside

In appreciation of the damage inflicted 

On a ball scratching, wife snatching, clap

Spreading son of an illigetimat father, 

Who never failed to leave the shot before

The lip was reached 
(C) Francie Mcgivney in spain writing for fun summer 2015

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