I heard her voice

It cried

I lied

I said I couldn’t hear

I turned away

She died

For the lack of us

To wrap her in our world

The streets are filled with

Paper dolls and tin can bins

And I’m filled with guilt

For me.and you and who

The rest who close their eyes

And turn away

From the tears

Of those with out a home

(C) Frank mcgivney


She held my hand today

To make me smile

She laughs you know

When I tell a tale

The dog barked

Along our way

She tells me things

To make me think

Wisdom in her eyes

Of twelve

Behind the look

The one we share

For rainbow smiles

And dragonfly kisses

The quest for wonder

She held my hand today

My daughter

(C) Frank mcgivney

I forget to remember

I beg them to stay

To lay beside my bed

They were my friends

But off they stray

Away from where

I lost my way.

My words

They’ve gone

So far

From my pen

I feel the trickle

Of my dreams

Trail further

From my mind

I forget sometimes

To remember

But worse

I remember

All the things

I can’t ‘recall

My new pal


It’s calling echoes

In the valley

I hear it’s bell

I fear the hell

It promises

To reveal

When I stand

Lost in my land

The place I’ve know

As home

(C) Frank mcgivney


I lied when i said i cried

i told you it hurt inside

it tore my chest apart

it burnt my eyes my soul

but all you did was make me die

give it to me raw

i’ll take it home

to the fire inside

i’ll burn it all

the whole

to leave the ash

Take it

snort that


and float so high

you leave me to lie

to wallow in my pain

the one i pretend to feel

where the tear


and a stain grows

and I can be






(C) Frank McGivney