Do you allow the fear to win?

When all it takes is a no.

Do they use their saws?

To plunder tbe air we breathe.

Dont your words refect?

The island of your dreams

Where beauty evolves

Among the imagined fear.

Would you think like they do?

When all they know is wrong

Because it doesnt come from

Where your imagination holds

The hand of your thoughts

Do you not love the image?

Reflected in the mirrors eye

Revealing the tale you tell

The one you are to you

Does love not realise?

The battle it must win

Wbere hearts trail in scattered

Lines of hope lost among the

Sands of lives forgotten tears

Do you forget your past?

The sunny picnic fields

Do you not forget the past?

The tears the fears the hate

Do you not learn the lesson?

The reason we need to fail

Do you forget the lesson?

The failure you used to succeed

Does the frown over awe?

The struggle of the smile within

Does your touch upon the eartb?

Not reflect the gentle soul of you

Do you refuse a gentle word?

To make the sad ones smile

Do you kill and maim and hate?

Not live and heal and love

Do you queastion the unwise?

When they see it as a challange

To overcome their previous best

Do i not see the you?

The real one beneath the cloud

(C) frank mcgivney june 2019

Economic circles

Inverted L’s they stand

Littering the skyline

Plundering the land

To grow the wealth

Of those behind the

Bricks and design

And the man who digs

And the girl who types

To give us more

Until the well fed man

Decides he wants it all

And the L returns

Stripped down to lie

Beneath the grave

Of the man who begs

And tbe girl who weeps

Waiting for the crane

To rise once more

(C) frank mcgivney

Rambling crosskiel road races

Passing screams of bikes

Leather clad fans of speed

Swish by my walking mind

Listening to words wise

On the blues to make the

Melancholy shoes trample

The green fields to hear

The summer time tune

Of blue tit wings fluttering

The line well worn where

Beauty waits for the touch

Gentlly strong grasping

The joy of dew dripped

Strands of natures gift

(C) frank mcgivney


And i dont remember things

I once tried to forget

Words are lost and thoughts

Float away and

The battle is inside

My mind

To remember to fight

To reply to my own


With answers i cant recall

And i walk

So far so long so why

Not when theres no longer

The war to delve withen

The places where memories

Were of no use

For noone asks your name

When the sword is drawn

And blood is spilled

Not theirs but mine

And i regret not using

The strength and letting

Them win

Not for mine

But for theirs

And the whipping cut to

The bone where it smiled

And my heart sang

And cliche here and

Cliche there

I see the flower upon the wall

And wonder where the roots

Drink the dew from withen

The stone

Which reminds me of my heart

The passion lost the concrete set

I will not break

I will not falter

I will lose

Once more

But have i ever lost

You have to be

A part

For someone to.be tbe two

A battle on you own

Is no more than a farce

For you to bemoan

The self pity feeds upon

The whore of a dream

You build around

The lonely moon

Up where you stare

Beneath the stars

Whose twinkle caught

The eye not turning

towards the sun

Which burns a hole

Where your mind forgots

To breathe

The calming breath

To remind me

Of the lake side

Shore of daffodils

Sweetening the air

Along the banks

where the dragonfly


To.be continued

To be restored

(C) frankie mcgivney

My land

They storlled from the bog

Their hearts slipped away

To grieve from where

They learned to wipe the

Tears of frustrated love

Which dribbled through

The darkened stubble of the

Only youth they ever knew

Beneath the clouds hammering

The clay upon the soles

They tied with calloused fingers

Beneath blackened nails.

The land dug deep inside the

Skin brunt red in afternoon

Hours of sweat dripped labour

The bites of hungry flies drew

Red from the tan as milkened

Tea quenched a thirst born

Of hope for the scratched map

Trailing to where the world

Has embraced the melody

Birthed in gin drop joints

Of hope for change

(C) frankie mcgivney