Do you allow the fear to win?

When all it takes is a no.

Do they use their saws?

To plunder tbe air we breathe.

Dont your words refect?

The island of your dreams

Where beauty evolves

Among the imagined fear.

Would you think like they do?

When all they know is wrong

Because it doesnt come from

Where your imagination holds

The hand of your thoughts

Do you not love the image?

Reflected in the mirrors eye

Revealing the tale you tell

The one you are to you

Does love not realise?

The battle it must win

Wbere hearts trail in scattered

Lines of hope lost among the

Sands of lives forgotten tears

Do you forget your past?

The sunny picnic fields

Do you not forget the past?

The tears the fears the hate

Do you not learn the lesson?

The reason we need to fail

Do you forget the lesson?

The failure you used to succeed

Does the frown over awe?

The struggle of the smile within

Does your touch upon the eartb?

Not reflect the gentle soul of you

Do you refuse a gentle word?

To make the sad ones smile

Do you kill and maim and hate?

Not live and heal and love

Do you queastion the unwise?

When they see it as a challange

To overcome their previous best

Do i not see the you?

The real one beneath the cloud

(C) frank mcgivney june 2019

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