I wake in the middle of my thoughts

Floating through a white raft lane

Wondering where the end began

Knowing the beginning lies ahead

I drift beneath the frozen streams

Desiring nothing more than to scream

The explosion needed to be set free

Resonating on the branch i flounder

Unknowing where my mind should

Roam to find the peace I would never

Desire with the use of the fight to

Tattoo inside the painting chaos

Raging through floating smiles

Hitchhiking on emotion I never

Wanted but embedded they instil

The virtues taking the no away

Ensuring all I can do is crave

The warmth enveloped in the

Scent of her skin when her

Movement beneath me stirs

Her perspiration to cocktail

Into a mix we can only ever

Taste through the veil of the

Highway of an Atlantic sky

Roaming for the jazz time

Rip to plaster the void

The fluttering smile fills

Glowing through the depth

She turns fast to my slow

Holds my hand

The crowd smile

The music ripples

The anger melts with the decay

Of the shadows grey

And I look into her eyes

And the dance ricocheting

Eternal sings the tune

Through the clear fog

Embracing me to our

Ever home in this space

Where she holds mine.

(C) francis joesph Mcgivney

The Calm

It hits you soft

gentle in your mind

to smell it in the air

to feel it on your skin

to know

the turmoil will decay

the slash will heal

the demons in your soul

Freedom lies within

the crimson flow

from neck to ground

it sprays then drips

and the sound is fresh

hollow but clean

The return to ash

from where you came


(c) Frankie



They drip to languish

Beneath the collar

The tears of realisation

Her smell was in your

Dreams but her hand

Is somewhere else

The smile languishes

Beneath the thoughts

The realisation her

Heart and yours

Will never drift apart

There is no Mountain Dew

No sunrise and falling moon

No painted smile

No flower in bloom

Can compare with her smile

The beauty spot on her cheek

The tiny imperfection

Of her perfect eyes

The colour of her skin

Her strength of her chin

The perfect curve of her nose

The shape her lips create

To form a aphrodisiac smile

Her scream upon your skin

Caresses the warmth within

The place deep inside your

Mind where your hearts

Beat is owned by her touch

Alone where the growl

Of your love making

Climaxes with eyes

Locked deep to see

The love you share

In mind and body

In flesh and words

In her in you

In us

(Frankie love her forever mcgivney

You forgot the end again

You forget where it began

Drifting from your eyes

Your fearful grip

On strands of words

You write each time

Her name her hair

Her smell her eyes

Lost to be refound

Through blurred notes

On unworthy slips

Of yellow and green

You make her laugh

You make her smile

You use your smarts

You use your words

To hide the fear

The darkness wins

Once more

The emotions remain

But her name

Even her name

Flounders on your lips

You forget when it began

But the agony of the end

Tightens it’s grip


To fade into a memory

Forever lost once more

You loved her once

You love her still

You will love her once again

(C)frankie Mcgivney