Does the laughter make the truth you speak more palatable or more interesting. When I talk and their expressions fade to blank and you wonder is it because they know more than you , is there some secret fountain of knowledge from which they can easily scoop another dram of facts, a cup you are not privy to its location.

Or do they not get what you are saying or trying to say. Does it go over their heads or is it so boring as to float on by their consciousness

And you can make them laugh sometimes they probably giggle too much to the point of potentially embarrassing physical reactions.

But do they hear the thoughts behind the humour . Do the theories pass unnoticed . Does the inquisitions of my mind to touch those bits of humanity beyond my grasp register in their minds

Who realises the true vocation of the clown to reveal the audacity of the kings new clothes made of invisible thread

When they tell me their fibs do they ever realise I know. Do they fool themselves to believe their attempt at fooling me works. Does the ability to smile and ignore the lies make me more or less of a man. So easy to answer because of course it depends. Sometimes acceptance of others attempts at deception is a kindness to them. Other times a kindness to myself because I don’t care enough to point out the fallacy of their fiction.

Then there’s the beauty of the opening of the eyes when someone of the same realises you have recognised their own explorations of the world around us. The meeting of the eyes as minds embrace in a search for revelations beyond the common tongue

(C) frankie Mcgivney (falling asleep and wanting to keep writing but the eyes fail where the mind strives to explore)

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