The story about this here blog

I have being writing all manner of poems, short stories and novels for the last year. I have discovered that I have a passion inside of me for words. they call out for me to write them down. they take control of my pen and tell  me about the past, present and future of all these amazing people that somehow live inside of my head waiting to be put into stories or poems. Sure what would I be doing not helping them to get out into the world

So there you go if you want to read some of the things that they have to say then follow me on this here blog. Don’t forget Ireland rules the world and I as an Irish man will take it over with my writing so don’t be acting the michael by just passing on and not reading my stuff which is only brilliant brother Rabbit.

26 thoughts on “The story about this here blog”

  1. Thank you for following my blog! I enjoyed your poetry, especially the Fiat 500 one. Humorous take on everyday life. I can see the love you have for your family even amongst the chaos and hassle. Wonderful!

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  2. Well I’m part Irish. So that’s the part that wants to take over the world. The Scottish part wants to build and invent all over the world and the English part talks out his arse.
    Together we make an interesting hybrid package – like your blog!

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  3. Have you heard about the town in Mexico that has an Irish patron saint? I happen to be there now (well, very close by) for two months. It was founded by Irish mercenary soldiers who came to fight in Mexico and never left. (At least that’s what I’ve been told.) It is San Patricio Melaque! Enjoyed all of your audacious writing that I’ve read so far and would follow you if I could just find your “Follow” button! I hate how every blog design puts it in a different place. Glad you visited my blog as it lead me to yours…Judy


      1. Wow. You are fast! (Replying.)

        That Jesus piece–the first I read of yours–is so packed with incredible and unique imagery that you could fuel a book with it. I need to return to it when I have the time to digest it all. Your mind is firing images like a psychic submachine gun, my friend!

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  4. Thanks Judy, I just love writing, its funny how your mind has a small idea but when you start putting words on paper suddenly it stretches and reaches out from inside of you to everywhere and anywhere


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