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of course it has a great name and the mask reminds me of something. A cartoon from childhood the one with ears , noddy that’s the one. There’s american films that have to follow instructions as per the box and there’s french films that follow the path of a lunatic escaping a maze running backwards and then there’s Irish films where the truth is there to be found for those with the eyes that can see beyond the dark humour. you could fall in love with the one with the knife and the other one too if you had that inclination of a day, her accent alone would fill you with life. the red haired fucker had lines in his head about red coated ladies and white coated women and girls saving him from little boxes that have occured to myself of a day walking along listening to van morrison singing the blues. You be thinking then to yourself wasn’t the few thousand spent in a much better way than all them millions on pointless explosions where the good guy always wins and the sun always signs on a happy day, when all you want is the irish freedom to have a fecking miserable auld rainy day if you happen to want one.