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I wake in the middle of my thoughts

Floating through a white raft lane

Wondering where the end began

Knowing the beginning lies ahead

I drift beneath the frozen streams

Desiring nothing more than to scream

The explosion needed to be set free

Resonating on the branch i flounder

Unknowing where my mind should

Roam to find the peace I would never

Desire with the use of the fight to

Tattoo inside the painting chaos

Raging through floating smiles

Hitchhiking on emotion I never

Wanted but embedded they instil

The virtues taking the no away

Ensuring all I can do is crave

The warmth enveloped in the

Scent of her skin when her

Movement beneath me stirs

Her perspiration to cocktail

Into a mix we can only ever

Taste through the veil of the

Highway of an Atlantic sky

Roaming for the jazz time

Rip to plaster the void

The fluttering smile fills

Glowing through the depth

She turns fast to my slow

Holds my hand

The crowd smile

The music ripples

The anger melts with the decay

Of the shadows grey

And I look into her eyes

And the dance ricocheting

Eternal sings the tune

Through the clear fog

Embracing me to our

Ever home in this space

Where she holds mine.

(C) francis joesph Mcgivney


London is calling

Falling in the snow

Waiting for my footsteps

To make it through the war

Inside my mind

The battle wages no more

I know my place among the stars

Where she shines upon the ground

Glittering buttercup symphonies

Rise and fall for us

To sing along the grassland hills

Where my heart it waits to roam

Shivering in the cave lights call

I.isten to.myheart as it learns

The way to devour the fear

Upon a midnight quay I stand

to remember forever more

My dear who listens to my voice

She wrote me a poem

A sonnet and a song

With a lonely refrain to cast

A hook of love sweet tune

To embrace beneath the falling

Roar of the waterfalls last hope

One step removed i roam

Among the shadows and the time

To watch the world’s smile

Shimmer to shine among

The heartache and the crime

No prison cell to hold me

No chain to keep me down

She holds the key for me

To sing my endless love

(C) Frankie mcgivney


Never give all the heart for
Love fades with a lost kiss until
Nothing remains but the
The cave of empty lies
Where once your heart lay.
Never give all the mind
For their words drown in
Shrinking lines of passion
Taking your body’s gift and
Leaving you lost with regret

(C) frank McGivney
Just from top of head so hope makes sense because I in bed about to nod off and too tired to edit