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It’s only worth it

It’s only worth it

If it’s worth it

Wheres the anger gone

The fight against the clampdown

Wheres the anger gone

The fight we never lost

Black and white

Brown and yellow

One and all

Just one race

One people

Wheres the fight gone

One creed

Dump your trump

Your losing card

Take the fist

From your balls

Raise it

Once then twice

Where’s the heart gone

One race

One creed

Take your religion

Your national pride

And burn it with your flag

Where’s the fight gone

One race

One creed

Francie talks

Roundup Magazine With one of my short stories…/uploads/…/01/VOL_2_2.pdf

One of my more adult stories in this one. I think the whole magazine looks pure class.
Its not one for the squeamish, so be warned before you look at it. But I like it. I’m on pages 20 and 21 (I always wanted to be a cowboy)