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London is calling

Falling in the snow

Waiting for my footsteps

To make it through the war

Inside my mind

The battle wages no more

I know my place among the stars

Where she shines upon the ground

Glittering buttercup symphonies

Rise and fall for us

To sing along the grassland hills

Where my heart it waits to roam

Shivering in the cave lights call

I.isten to.myheart as it learns

The way to devour the fear

Upon a midnight quay I stand

to remember forever more

My dear who listens to my voice

She wrote me a poem

A sonnet and a song

With a lonely refrain to cast

A hook of love sweet tune

To embrace beneath the falling

Roar of the waterfalls last hope

One step removed i roam

Among the shadows and the time

To watch the world’s smile

Shimmer to shine among

The heartache and the crime

No prison cell to hold me

No chain to keep me down

She holds the key for me

To sing my endless love

(C) Frankie mcgivney



Rambling in Spain

It was green

A pocket plant

For a couple

Black and red


And rabbits

They looked at me

And I at them

Then they did what I can’t

They vanished

Not a sound or twitch

To be able to just stay

Hidden and watch it all

Drift by

The handsome waiter shock my hand

I had been the one to smile

To ask him how he was

We had eaten already so passed by

His outstretched menu

But the day was hot and he looked

Roasted as a Sunday duck

I grasped both hands

and humanity was good again

50 lengths of the pool

Easy peasy salmon squeeesy

Dee swam smooth

Ava was a mermaid

Luke like a swimmer with shoulders

The Spanish girls admired

I miss the mats the sweet the puzzle

Of my physical heaven of Brazilian

Jiu jitsu but I’m lifting and swimming

And walking and eating


Would you say hello

If I smiled and said hi

Do they sit and listen

When tales are spun

Do the words drift away

To float in an amber sky

Lay your shirt upon my sleeve

Say the words I long to hear

Twist a poem and story

With a lack of truth or just a touch

It don’t matter just say it out

Say it loud

And listen

Please listen

To those who try

To go beyond the screens

The veils which hide

The beauty of the words

The logic it twists

The picture burns

Impregnates and tunes

The song inside

Drift away from your desk

And hear

I forget to remember

I beg them to stay

To lay beside my bed

They were my friends

But off they stray

Away from where

I lost my way.

My words

They’ve gone

So far

From my pen

I feel the trickle

Of my dreams

Trail further

From my mind

I forget sometimes

To remember

But worse

I remember

All the things

I can’t ‘recall

My new pal


It’s calling echoes

In the valley

I hear it’s bell

I fear the hell

It promises

To reveal

When I stand

Lost in my land

The place I’ve know

As home

(C) Frank mcgivney


I lied when i said i cried

i told you it hurt inside

it tore my chest apart

it burnt my eyes my soul

but all you did was make me die

give it to me raw

i’ll take it home

to the fire inside

i’ll burn it all

the whole

to leave the ash

Take it

snort that


and float so high

you leave me to lie

to wallow in my pain

the one i pretend to feel

where the tear


and a stain grows

and I can be






(C) Frank McGivney

God intervening

if you find the need to believe in a god then I can respect the need for humans to desire an answer to the afterlife in order to ease the burden of death but as surely as the words of man claiming a knowledge of a gods will is preposterous to me so is the resentment of people to a god that doesn’t intervene to stop the disease and disasters both of humanity and of nature.

The reason is based on the most fundamental aspect of life on Earth : free will. To define the reality of our existence on this planet in simplistic terms free will is to me an encompassing definition. The ability to act as we desire. Our actions may lead us to jail or to happiness but in any given situation we have some level of free will. Even where we are controlled we have the free will of life or death. If God stops wars or heals a cancer patient or stops a flood then she takes away the free will of something or someone. If you take it away from one person then you take it from everyone because they can’t do what the first person did without the wrath of a similar intervention. 

If we can’t decide what to do of our own volition then we are in effect robots and the whole basis of our nature is gone. Each action has a reaction and the beauty  of the world is our interaction with our ecosystem. It’s too much to abandon for the ease of an omnipotent God making  

 life easy for those who want soft answers. 

Francis McGivney 

the butcher boy

Francie brady talking to me. You wouldn’t find the likes of what’s in that book on the television . Well unless the film of it was on but the book is better. Tell you one thing there’s nothing like an Irish author. Patrick McCabe has a way of telling stories that grabs you by the mind and draws you into a place where humour is found in shades of black. You can keep youe McDonald’s humour for the gombeens I’ll have a nice day when I want to and a miserable one of the inclination comes upon me. It’s my right as an Irish man to be free to laugh while I’m happy or miserable.


I was discussing the relative uselessness of stereotypes today with my accupunture/ Chinese medicine healer especially as pertains to my own profession of accountancy (feck I sound like one there).
He was born a Hindu and had told me a bit about karma and reincarnation one day. Anyone it mightn’t be exactly karma but later on I had to have a discussion with another accountant.
Mother of Devine Jesus those accountants are boring. Her voice was limp and lifeless , her imagination seemed lost and she mumbled a lot.
My enthusiasm about life was lost on her focused ears.
No wonder no one sits beside me at social functions once they hear what I do for a living. Of course when they hear they madness of my brain them they also sometimes look at me as if I’m crazy.