My first short story to be published was launched last night in the Castle arch hotel in Trim. The night was aspectacular of poets and authors reading the most wonderful peoms and short stories and drams.

It was an experience I sharded with my wife and two kids and one I hope the children will always remember. They of course reckioned mine was the best, slight bias there.

boyne berries family boyne berries


Coal man

He came with his red van and his coal and it still hot of a September day and I asked him had he an ice-cream machine that I would buy a 99 of him but he hadn’t so i didn’t. Two weeks later i bought two bags of coal of him just in case and just for peace and well just cause he a good bloke. The weather is still hot so when he called today in his shiny new white van (okay it was new to him and not really new and far from shiny) I gave him €30 and his young lad €2 and told him the young fella was doing all the work and he needed to start doing a bit do shift a bit of the weight he had accumulated around the mid section.I offered to sell him a few bags of blocks I still have from last year, sure the wife hasn’t even light the fire yet and the sweat pouring of the whole of Ireland with the unseasonable warmth we have upon us. But he wouldn’t buy them of me and left me with a warning that “he would be back”. I told him I was an accountant once and gave him my card if he had an inclination to pay tax of a day. i nearlyhad to ring the hospital with the fit of laughing he fell into.

Poem Slowing down

Age is defeated in its need to slow me down
When the quest for speed was never desired
The pace designed by my indulgence in the path
Languishing in the beauty of good and bad
The trail of the flash misses all but the light
Meandering To absorb all you can offer
I walk beside the Tortoise seeing the pattern
Hidden in the hares trail of dust
(C) F McGivney of a night because the words just typed themselves

First post

I started a writing course last night and the lecturer told us that starting a blog for writing is a great idea. I have always been a fan of the whole concept of great ideas so here we are with a blog. Just me really at the moment until all you people out there cop the feck on and realise that you need to hear what i have to say. Its important stuff so put down that facebook remote and come listen to me. I imagine you can hear me even though you cant because its on paper unless you have a talking computer.

I also did a morning pages this morning, I hope the wife never reads that or I’m rightly shagged and not in a good way.