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Notorius (version 2)


Onto battle

we march as one

not to take part

but to take over.

Notorious rises

with passion in his heart

Fire in his kicks,

and steel in his fists

Down the rocky slope

We climb to stand

To take his side

To fight to win

To sing our song

For Cu Chulainn again

The sliotar flies

Lodging on

An octagon floor

Proclaiming the onset

Tir na N’Ogs prince

Steps forth to

Dance the warrior’s art.

His hand is raised

Before the bell.

With fighting words

He buys their soul.

With swinging kicks

He takes their chin

The world is ours

With green eyes

Below red hair

The white celts

Rule once more

Our flag wraps

Our warrior as king.

(c) Frank McGivney 21.01.15

#conormcgregor #TheNotorius

Hill of Tara book shop

A visit to the hill of Tara and the bookshop where lies the smell of words and wonder all waiting to be read and assimilated into your consciousness. Loads of hardback books from hundreds of years ago waiting for us. Me and Luke my son were lost in the shelves when the owner told us to mind the house as he stepped outside to partake in some business or entertainment of one nature or the other. Luke said after about 10 minutes daddy he is still not back and I laughed and said this is what Ireland is all about. We have to stay and read and mind the house of a complete stranger until he comes back because that’s what we do in the land of green. Here are the books I bought