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A seat

The bench, old and worn, was cold to the touch through the wool of my trousers


I could see a line of grime etched into the lines beneath her face as she looked up from her can and threw the shortest of dirty looks expertly mingled with a sound mixture of disinterested distain

Sometimes no doesn’t have to be put Into words or perhaps a look is the strongest no

Still and all it’s not a bad day all things considered

The look again this time I noticed a bunch of her hair stuck together with blood or sweat or vomit or whatever sticks hair together when a member of the human fraternity doesn’t get to avail of the washing facilities of a day or even a month

You can go fuck of if you think you getting something out of me I’m no hooker

I’m no punter either

Good cos I’m particular about who I be having the fun with

Me too

Yeah right

Yeah right exactly

Don’t be getting fucking smart you fucker

I just saying I not into hookers

You should be

Ah here

Well the state of you with the head on you and that Gammy eye and you look like your mother picked out the clothes. Is that wool?

Feck sake you’re worst than a commentator on one of them shows

What shows

You know the xfactor bollixology

Here listen don’t be using that kind of language in front of a Lady

Fair enough

And a slow breeze trailed across our path while we both looked on at the city passing by. a quietness in the kaleidoscope of hustle

You know no one talks as they walk

I looked up and listened and watched

Your man over there is talking on his phone

I thought I told you not to be a wise fucker

You only mentioned being a smart one

Whatever. He is on a phone that don’t count

Why not

It just doesn’t


Cos it’s like the mad cunts who talk to themselves it’s not real talking it’s just pretend chitter chatter

I see what you mean

About the phone

No about them not talking they just are all rushing



Have you a light

Have you a fag


Right then

And I saw her eyes were brown when she held the flame

She would have been a beautiful daughter to some Da a long time ago

She held the smoke deep inside, feeling it’s warmth before slowly releasing it back into the world

I better make a move

She nodded and looked back down

I touched her shoulder gently when i stood, the briefest of contacts; she didn’t react, maybe she hadn’t noticed

I walked on with out a word been uttered to a soul, a member once more of the rushing throngs

(C) frankie mcgivney

Just a random story of top of my head I hope it reads okay. The words I love to write

The dead plot (work in progress)

Its dead

but they wont bury it

not knowing its demise

its there to torment

to weaken my will

to break my soul

to drive me to whiskey

maybe its not all bad


Bukowski is talking

marked by a slip

a taxation page

i thought he would laugh

He lies upon Palahniuk

Plotting to have nightmares

for all the others



The plot

a beginning

any page could do it

a middle

where boredom festers

the end

what they want to hear


Truth melts

as thoughts become ink

spots on a page,

changing from reality

to the angels voice

of fictions plot.

(c) Frank McGivney 14 January 2015


are you okay


are you sure you sound funny

just you know


well I wasn’t expecting it

me neither


I couldn’t help myself

it was nice

same here

are you home

just in the kitchen putting on dinner

when is he home

who knows

i miss you

no you don’t

yes i do

you saw me 10 mins ago you big gobshite

well still i miss you

i got to go, the potatoes are boiling



i love you

feck of



Did you kiss him

Did you kiss her
No Nora saw you
No you didn’t
Your nothing but a bastard
Fuck off
Don’t cry
You never loved me
I will always love you
You couldn’t
I could and i do
Was it her legs
I didn’t kiss her
Nora said you were behind the hotel wrapped around each other
Ouch what you do that for
I had to hit something
I just gave her a hug
I knew it she is a tramp wearing a skirt showing of all she has to the world
She was upset about her father
Do I look stupid
Her father died last week she was crying
I have known her for years and she was crying I just hugged her
Nora said you were all over each other
Nora is jealous

Extract from a book of conversations I am working on

(C) frank Mcgivney 2014