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What’s wrong with been happy. (Bad language and cursing so read with caution if you are of a sensitive disposition)

Them Americans with their have a nice day what a load of shite,
Sure now patsy isn’t it grand for them
What’s fucking grand about it
Well you know they’re all smiles and happy
They are in their bollox
Ah now patsy
Listen you can’t be happy all the time it’s not natural. You have to stand back of a day and be miserable auld fucker some days and will I tell you why
I’m sure I couldn’t stop you and you knowing so much about been miserable
There’s no need to be casting dispersions now. I’ll tell you why because if your happy all the jaysus time then you get immune to it. It’s like marriage and sex.
Ah here we go
Well now hold on . You are married to the same woman for 50 years and by jaysus it’s like eating paper in the bedroom and brown paper at that. It’s the same with been happy. That’s why Irish people are content.
Why is that now
Because we like been miserable. We like the rain so we can be wet and miserable and we love funerals . There’s nothing like a good funeral remember francie reillys funeral that was a great night
Ah you never see the likes of francie again the mean bastard that he was.
He forgot where his pockets were for holding anything only handkerchiefs and thought they were for scratching himself on the sly
He was for ever at himself in the pockets
Anyway the big thing about been miserable is that it makes the good things seem even better
What you on about
A sunny day is brighter when it has followed a dark one. Same with happiness. It’s like seeing an Italian woman after a lifetime of only seeing bacon and cabbage women
Those Italians are the girls
There eating and drinking in them sure enough