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Broken thoughts

There’s a picture of a man

They believed to follow

His cross dug deep

In their mindless

Faith and she looks

To change my thoughts

While the roses fade to ice

Melting my heart broken

Resting in the decay

Molten leaves rot

In the sun

And she sings

And she prays

And she cries

Out why

Why does the song

Skip the line

Between the path

And the roar

And broken my mind

Bears the crime

There’s a picture

Of a cross where nails

Split the scene

Of what I believe

The folly of love

Thrown upon the flames

Where the temple tore

Down the steeples

Sting of life’s repose

And I cry

And I die

And I fly

Wondering where

The lyrics found

The line to draw

(Draft of random words)