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I had a dream the other day 

I had a dream the other day

I couldn’t rid my brain

From the fear Santa was 

On the beer and

Rudolph drank a dram 

The manger  had a baby

The Shepards saw a star

The wise men lost the plot

And the day was on its way

The dog found the tree

The cat upon the top 

The pudding burnt the house

Down with golden burning joy

I woke upon a Friday 

The snow was in the clouds

The dog was lonely howling

The wine was stirring a curse

And I was singing a Christmas 

Tune slaughtering a carols dream

She touched my hand with vigour

I hit the floor with fright 

Santa had delivered 

The Christians were Praying

The Muslims were kneeling

The rest were drinking 

And the kids were playing 

The end (I think) 

Random writing of a Christmas Day because why not)