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50 dreams are missing and they didn’t use the door

Just screamed a little hole where there wasn’t one before

Now the army and Gardai are searching high and low

For the saints who fell from grace with the rising of the low

The tide is flowing up hill

And the flies are kissing sky

The dreams are in the clouds

And the world is flying high

The birds are on the game now

The wall is crumbling soft

But smile is on the rise

With the mountain’s turning tune

The dew is singing poems

The cat barking songs

And the dog is sipping whiskey

With the burning of the woes

So let yourself be happy

Embrace a lonesome smile

And let the beauty find you

While the sun is in the sky

(C) frankie Mcgivney

Words thrown out random from a mind glad to feel the pen in hand for letters instead of numbers

May happiness embrace your souls

Small things

Butterfly on my hand

Where will you go

Will you stay a while

So I can recall the red

Mix with the blue

Summer sky of rain

Where will you pour

Will you stay a while

Upon my brow

Remind me of my skin

Alive in your touch

Words of an authors tale

Where will you flow

Will you stay a while

To caress the space within

Empty of all except the words

You share to tell the world

The path you spin

(C) frankie Mcgivney


Meandering it loses its path

The wee trickle smiles

To the badgers gaze

Succumbing to the warmth

Of a different sky

Wondering why it can’t

Reach the distant echoes

Of forgotten familiar names

It’s contentment in solitary

Tributaries of a silence

Designed to repair the fresh

Slices in the minds scars

Reminding the smile inside

Somewhere a voice of love

Lurks beyond the touch

Lost awaiting to be found

(C) Frank Mcgivney

Remember those who sometimes forget are not lost just on a different stream where intelligence and wit flourish but a tear caresses the smile for the echoes of voices we struggle to recall

What to write

It was of a Monday when the lights came over the sun and the moon was just a memory not long forgotten and she held his hand by resting her head on his shoulder. No sleep had been enjoyed since love had been engaged upon with vigour and gentle touch under a moonless night. Never once from the beginning had he entered her body with the absence of a warmth in his heart which spread beyond the logic of his mind to delve deep beyond the locked chasms of his soul. A part of him he would have have denied existing but which he always held a secret hope of eventually discovering: she was beyond his reach in the normal course of human interactions with a beauty he would hold in his heart until the day its final beat lapsed his never ending regrets into the calm repose of nothingness. Somehow his words had transcended the physical inequality of their respective positions in the potential romantic pecking order of human interactions to allow for moments to be shared which would transform the world from one of drudgery to a place where the rainbow of the dragonfly’s wings sprinkled its magic along the yellow brick road of his destiny and he knows somehow hers too from the look in her eye and the smell in the air and the sound of her body.

The moon cast its trail painting a memory along the river under the bridge where he imagined grasshoppers playing fiddles among the dew drops of a morning capable and indeed willing to change the man he could ever be from such a silent morning onwards. Evolution expedited from a multi generational phenomenon to the wonderful instantaneous transformation of true love

As much as the field of daffodils did for a man of words so the moment would in vacant or in pensive thought be for ever the place he would revisit constantly to languish in a love beyond his highest expectations or imaginations.

To be continued…….

The most I’ve written in so long in a prose style. Words spilling from inside not sure of their origin but knowing the validity of their truth and the warmth of the image. Where do the words ever come from but once they start they refuse to stop there need to be set free only matched by my addiction to hear what they have to say. Voices in my mind would they have locked us in the home for the bewildered once of a not too far distant time. I promise myself to indulge with the keyboard on Saturday. What am I without my words but a beast roaming who has forgotten the beauty of the pen


Do you allow the fear to win?

When all it takes is a no.

Do they use their saws?

To plunder tbe air we breathe.

Dont your words refect?

The island of your dreams

Where beauty evolves

Among the imagined fear.

Would you think like they do?

When all they know is wrong

Because it doesnt come from

Where your imagination holds

The hand of your thoughts

Do you not love the image?

Reflected in the mirrors eye

Revealing the tale you tell

The one you are to you

Does love not realise?

The battle it must win

Wbere hearts trail in scattered

Lines of hope lost among the

Sands of lives forgotten tears

Do you forget your past?

The sunny picnic fields

Do you not forget the past?

The tears the fears the hate

Do you not learn the lesson?

The reason we need to fail

Do you forget the lesson?

The failure you used to succeed

Does the frown over awe?

The struggle of the smile within

Does your touch upon the eartb?

Not reflect the gentle soul of you

Do you refuse a gentle word?

To make the sad ones smile

Do you kill and maim and hate?

Not live and heal and love

Do you queastion the unwise?

When they see it as a challange

To overcome their previous best

Do i not see the you?

The real one beneath the cloud

(C) frank mcgivney june 2019


And i dont remember things

I once tried to forget

Words are lost and thoughts

Float away and

The battle is inside

My mind

To remember to fight

To reply to my own


With answers i cant recall

And i walk

So far so long so why

Not when theres no longer

The war to delve withen

The places where memories

Were of no use

For noone asks your name

When the sword is drawn

And blood is spilled

Not theirs but mine

And i regret not using

The strength and letting

Them win

Not for mine

But for theirs

And the whipping cut to

The bone where it smiled

And my heart sang

And cliche here and

Cliche there

I see the flower upon the wall

And wonder where the roots

Drink the dew from withen

The stone

Which reminds me of my heart

The passion lost the concrete set

I will not break

I will not falter

I will lose

Once more

But have i ever lost

You have to be

A part

For someone to.be tbe two

A battle on you own

Is no more than a farce

For you to bemoan

The self pity feeds upon

The whore of a dream

You build around

The lonely moon

Up where you stare

Beneath the stars

Whose twinkle caught

The eye not turning

towards the sun

Which burns a hole

Where your mind forgots

To breathe

The calming breath

To remind me

Of the lake side

Shore of daffodils

Sweetening the air

Along the banks

where the dragonfly


To.be continued

To be restored

(C) frankie mcgivney


They got me on milk and alcohol

Well morphine which is kind of pleasant

If not something I’d indulge in too often

If at all

I like my mind the same as i like


Crystal clear

Fast flow cascading

Into dragonfly filled

Kaleidoscopes of calm


Water filled with dreams and



but 3 operations in one on a shoulder

Leaves you





On recovery trail

Fighting and writing over

Now its writing and everything









Watching kids grow


One finger typing

The path robert frost pointed to

I want to explore

Eyes wide

Heart open.

Mind sponge_like to absorb

But more to think beyond

Its hard to type in pain

But its harder not to write

The keyboard is a bit high

I not allowed

Drink alcohol ( is whiskey really included its surely not)

Fight well spar but i dont mind. I excited about other projects

Disco dance ( i could shuffle)

Use my left arm at all. ( interesting being one armed)

I can



Drink water but not whiskey did i mention bushmills are not happy

One hand type

Walk a bit, not too far frankie or you fall or get dizzy more like in opposite order dizzy then fall

Talk not too much cos i get dizzy but i talk alot now

Feck this is sore.

I met loads of new people friday in hospital and they were kind and nice and laughed and talked.

Im ramblimg now

Which is okay

Everyone should read Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Everyone should just read

Humanity is split in two



Non readers

You dont need david Attenborough to identify either variety.

Have to stop finger is tired

Eyes wrecked

Mind altered

Memory not the mae west

If i forget someone

I can make a list

Check it twice

See whos




(As hostess says put on your own mask first, same is true for the application of the touch of kindness to oneself, cant believe i used the word oneself , am i






Mmmmm god forbid)

Shoulder pulsing waves to remind me its there

Smile still smiling

Birds are whistling outside

Time sleep

Good night or day

(C) frankie mcgivney

I like

Of a day when the light shines

Or a night when the moon wanes

I have an inclination in my soul

To disco dance naked under

A velvet sky while reading a poem

I heard somewhere about dragonflies

Roamimg beneath a rainbow cloud

Of half demented singing robins

Who fell in love with wide eyed swans

Along a lake side where humans kiss

While holding hands refusing the cross

To love a man or a woman with golden

Hair or purple or brown skin or black

Who strokes a cat with love or walks

A dog or pictures a day when mans

Dreams no longer include guns

Where stones build halls to sing

And floors to swing surrounded by

A jungle of trees breathing the earths

Air and exhaling the green for a

Panther and a giraffe, a rat and a

Lion, an elephant and every creature

Inbetween who swim in lakes

Of blue shimmering crystal stars

Of lifes sweet hope feeding flora

Coloured from the ultra of the crimson

To the infra of the purple in hippey

Jippey and straight and narrow

Lines of all the souls free from

The guilt of god and the cruetly

Inflicted by demented men

To float among the worlds of

Imagination where adults

Remember the secrets of fairy

Rings and gobstoppers and

Imaginary friends who cuddle

When you cry and friends hold

Hands and hugs are free

And pages are turned to read

Words and pencils return to

Draw rainbow in the sky

Above shoeless races through

Meadows of wild.flowers

To the song of the corn crake

Romancing a.pink flamingo

With poor eyeside and a taste

For all the world has to gift

To those.who open their hearts

To touch the world with love

(C) Frankie Mcgivney

Spring a

We walked by with out a care

Silence shadowed in the park

The ghosts disco danced within

Hidden behind the china vase

ornate fields sprung forth

golden daffodils filled streams

Of gold to lift the eyes swimming

Meandering paths of spring time

Bluebells entwined in love with

The daisys pale wedding dress

Ring of fairy dust sheen

Barefoot through the dew

We ran to skip within

The Spring

(C) frankie mcgivney