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They sense the special

In each other

My ma and my daughter

The wonder in their eyes

The gentle strength

Of their soul

The words of my ma

Expressions to explain

The exploration of the self

Is added to by the query of

Her grandchild

Standing over the place of rest

Of my grand parents

Shared with the ashes of my da

Her question with a twinkle

do you get to choose

Your grave neighbours ?

Catching my eye

The one we share in misdirected

Common beauty.

Our laughter mingled

With the words

Reaching beyond the ordinary

To a place where

Dreams embrace the wonder

Of thoughts drifting unheeded

By human restraints

To wonder at the beauty of the world

Where dragonflies drift within the mind

Through rainbow slides of self discovery


She held my hand today

To make me smile

She laughs you know

When I tell a tale

The dog barked

Along our way

She tells me things

To make me think

Wisdom in her eyes

Of twelve

Behind the look

The one we share

For rainbow smiles

And dragonfly kisses

The quest for wonder

She held my hand today

My daughter

(C) Frank mcgivney