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Ramblings let the pigs fly

She still had the cross from Ash Wednesday on her forehead when she answered the door. It was the first day of the summer holidays from school. I was standing back a pace in case the eight legged creature from the back room with the webs had decided today was the day to go beyond its usual hunting ground.

“T’is yourself Francie” she said with a smile that would melt any boys heart

“Mammy said to call and see did you need anything” The two bags where she kept her shopping were hanging on either side of the mantel piece. Underneath I could see a rat looking up at them with keen eyes and a bouncing tail. I wanted to run.

“Come in Francie” she said

“Its too nice outside to go in Ms Devine” I replied

“well aren’t you only right, I might take a stroll myself today” she said looking out at the light drizzle that gently covered a beautiful sunny day. I knew she wouldn’t, she never did, she just stayed inside with the rats and the dirt and that box room at the back with all the webs.