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The Feck it Introduction

There I was half way between nowhere and somewhere unimportant with the little one by my side (Irish for my daughter) and I decided it was time to write something to help the universe, my calling was to divulge some important information to the masses of gobshites around me, the kind of auld malarkey all those mad looking fuckers with the wiry hair and the mad stares in their eyes do write of a day.

Or even something those happy people write, you know the Americans with the happy smiles and how to be at peace with the world kind of look in their Prozac induced stares.

So there I was in a state of ponderous thought and she was given out like the bejaysus to me because she wanted to exit Easons (the book shop) to go to Pennys (the all the clothes you can wear for a fiver shop) and all I could do was look at two books on the shelf which were advocating the “Don’t give a flying Fuck lifestyle”.

Then it happened, an epiphany so it was. It was like Jesus himself came down and talked to me (I will talk later about dealing with voices in your head so all the psychopaths relax, I’m not forgetting you, you shower of loopers.)

The lad who wouldn’t get down of the cross even though we needed the wood, he whispered real gentle into my ear that the world needs a proper load of made up facts to be written down about how to live the whole planet earth life the Irish way. The Feck it way or even the You will be Grand way. So here is the start of it. Only 100000 mores words to be written so should be finished next week, not a bother on it.

Right so anyway on the way out there was a book of recipes to get you healthy and stuff so I decided to include some recipes as well, mightn’t be the healthy variety but sure who gives a feck for that shagging rabbit food anyway.

(c) Frank McGivney 30.08.16




The Irish language

As well as ruling the world the Irish also own the world of linguistics by the introduction of one word which covers every possible known sentence in the world. This word is unique to Ireland and is of course “feck”.
Feck can mean anything that you want it to mean but it has to be used wisely because of how powerful a word it is. It also has extensions such as fecker which is it in noun form. And feckless which is a new kind of feck used by posher types. As an example take the following sentence in common use .” Feck sake paddy you only after tearing the guts out of the bitch.” Which translates to ” ah now paddy what did you go and drive the tractor at such a high speed for and destroy the engine “.
Or “I feck the little fecker up good and proper the little gobshite” one translation of this would be “I shall severely reprimand my young son for doing something a bit silly”