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Small things

Butterfly on my hand

Where will you go

Will you stay a while

So I can recall the red

Mix with the blue

Summer sky of rain

Where will you pour

Will you stay a while

Upon my brow

Remind me of my skin

Alive in your touch

Words of an authors tale

Where will you flow

Will you stay a while

To caress the space within

Empty of all except the words

You share to tell the world

The path you spin

(C) frankie Mcgivney

I like

Of a day when the light shines

Or a night when the moon wanes

I have an inclination in my soul

To disco dance naked under

A velvet sky while reading a poem

I heard somewhere about dragonflies

Roamimg beneath a rainbow cloud

Of half demented singing robins

Who fell in love with wide eyed swans

Along a lake side where humans kiss

While holding hands refusing the cross

To love a man or a woman with golden

Hair or purple or brown skin or black

Who strokes a cat with love or walks

A dog or pictures a day when mans

Dreams no longer include guns

Where stones build halls to sing

And floors to swing surrounded by

A jungle of trees breathing the earths

Air and exhaling the green for a

Panther and a giraffe, a rat and a

Lion, an elephant and every creature

Inbetween who swim in lakes

Of blue shimmering crystal stars

Of lifes sweet hope feeding flora

Coloured from the ultra of the crimson

To the infra of the purple in hippey

Jippey and straight and narrow

Lines of all the souls free from

The guilt of god and the cruetly

Inflicted by demented men

To float among the worlds of

Imagination where adults

Remember the secrets of fairy

Rings and gobstoppers and

Imaginary friends who cuddle

When you cry and friends hold

Hands and hugs are free

And pages are turned to read

Words and pencils return to

Draw rainbow in the sky

Above shoeless races through

Meadows of wild.flowers

To the song of the corn crake

Romancing a.pink flamingo

With poor eyeside and a taste

For all the world has to gift

To those.who open their hearts

To touch the world with love

(C) Frankie Mcgivney

My Wild Petal

My Wild Petal

Born of love and lust a wild petal in natures play.

She skipped with frenzied fun along the street

where her stripped smile stole her lovers desire.

She loved me for a moment scorching my heart,

my mind, my body, my soul in awe and fire.

To freedom’s choir her fist stretched out,

touching its cascading waters that cooled

the pervading fire, that spread in roaring flames,

stoking her bloods inferno through passionate veins.

In her dance’s wake I lost my heart’s longing.

Its tempted core lay in the sandy dust dying.

An infinite moment devoid of a desire to live.

Searching my tortured soul with liquid eyes,

reaching out with a fragile hand of lust,

she caressed me lovingly, healing all with one

delicious kiss from her tender lips.  Her moist

residue,  faded in an arid dew as she drifted

absently within her mind of dreams, as I

watched in tears, her slip from my embrace.

She was the delicate yarn of a  spiders web.

Her naked body of silk thread spun with care.

Bent and moved by the gentlest of winds yet

her mind stood stoic against the strongest of gales.

Any wind of adventure could blow her away to

float far above the common design of man.

With her crazed gait in platform boots

each step wilted her pain, to light the path

upon that eternal voyage where she drifted that day.

Her hands held the oars that lead her to

that distant destination unknown, where

the craziness languished deep  inside of her,

with dancing arms outstretched for her embrace.

(C) Frank McGivney 2014