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Dig deeper

The scars tear deeper

Each time the reset floats

From the hidden depths

To the frightened mind

The heartbreak renewed

The tears most people stem

Once alone instead need

Stemming again and again

Each time tearing deeper

Until the returns rain light

And the path fades

And the mind is left void

Of all but shadows of night

Frankie writing from the shadows


I lied when i said i cried

i told you it hurt inside

it tore my chest apart

it burnt my eyes my soul

but all you did was make me die

give it to me raw

i’ll take it home

to the fire inside

i’ll burn it all

the whole

to leave the ash

Take it

snort that


and float so high

you leave me to lie

to wallow in my pain

the one i pretend to feel

where the tear


and a stain grows

and I can be






(C) Frank McGivney