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Home town

My home town

It has changed
Or is it me
No neither
The shops are richer
In feel
From the time of
Along the borders
The lean times have
The gloss to a shine.
The faces have changed
But I recognise the people
I see them in other
In other times
It’s the voices
Flat, familiar.
Wrap me in a warmth
A feeling for the place
Where I grew from
Seed to stalk.
The thorns that tore
Skin and drew blood
Gaze down from
Hills where a cross
Marks a town.
My town where home
Has stayed the blanket
Of warmth of eternal
Peace and childhood

(C)frank Mcgivney
Jan 2015 in Clonmel
Co tipp where the blue
Meets the gold along
The banks of the suir
Under the shadow of