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God intervening

if you find the need to believe in a god then I can respect the need for humans to desire an answer to the afterlife in order to ease the burden of death but as surely as the words of man claiming a knowledge of a gods will is preposterous to me so is the resentment of people to a god that doesn’t intervene to stop the disease and disasters both of humanity and of nature.

The reason is based on the most fundamental aspect of life on Earth : free will. To define the reality of our existence on this planet in simplistic terms free will is to me an encompassing definition. The ability to act as we desire. Our actions may lead us to jail or to happiness but in any given situation we have some level of free will. Even where we are controlled we have the free will of life or death. If God stops wars or heals a cancer patient or stops a flood then she takes away the free will of something or someone. If you take it away from one person then you take it from everyone because they can’t do what the first person did without the wrath of a similar intervention. 

If we can’t decide what to do of our own volition then we are in effect robots and the whole basis of our nature is gone. Each action has a reaction and the beauty  of the world is our interaction with our ecosystem. It’s too much to abandon for the ease of an omnipotent God making  

 life easy for those who want soft answers. 

Francis McGivney