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Music a poem and a mention of whiskey

Went to Tommy Fleming concert tonight. The Sligo man has a golden voice smooth as honey sliding down a blade of morning dew on grass.
Her indoors put in a request for hard times the song not the aspiration and didn’t he only song it, the hero. Well she was only delighted with herself and it was the best song of the night. The woman obviously had good taste.

So I feel a poem coming on and here it is I hope :

I want to write the words
The words of honey and wine
To sweeten your soul
And intoxicate your heart
I want to put it down on a sheet
Of musical lines an octave above
The sound of silent heartache
And when you sing it my love
I want you to sing it for my heart
To fill it with the joy of your voice
(C) frank Mcgivney 18. 10. 2014

There it came out alright I love honey and wine although whiskey and beef are things I prefer.