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Whispers of silence

Alone the streets whisper their silence

Strolling alien to the tune of the lark

The air still deep in my lungs

The smell different refreshing

The song of silence returns to my heart

Memories of childhood times when

The words i used reflected the swiftness

Of the thoughts inside and they laughed

And pointed and I cried inside

I could understand the logic of maths

I could look at the puzzle and see the end

But I could never comprehend how

Having the answer threatened them

And who they saw as themselves

Because they are better than me

The answers I have while right in me

Are wrong for them who know

So much more than I Will ever think

How the words in my mind

To be the pauper at the feet of the

Sophisticated means to know you kneel

Or else the embarrassment will surround

The essence of my soul

As rightfully I become

the target of their scorn

To be a know it all was a crime

They turned away driving me to

Stand alone so I stopped revealing

The connections the solutions

I took from them my words

And gave up the chat the talk the logic

And let it fester in me growing

Wanting to be released

And now I sit alone again

The silence of the world returns

And I return to those days

I had somehow forgotten

Realising knowing the answers

Doesn’t mean you have to divulge

It actually means you shouldn’t

Because probably you are wrong

Instead I remember the leason

I learnt before the holocaust of the van

Always remember to hold your tongue

To Hold them inside your mind

and allow the lonely peace return

The war inside will subside

And the awkward stumble will return

Where it belongs with the crimson

Sweep of the moments when they invade

My silence and make me talk so they can

Enjoy the laughter built on my reply

(Frank silence returned Mcgivney