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The heart

I was able to count

Around the chair

I used to spin from

Here to there

Never reaching

Where I found

The touch with

The one good eye

Mighty Benji

Had a guitar he used

To murder tunes he

Never could have wrote

And I pondered on the sheet

Scratching i felt all I needed

Was a whiskey and a gun

For the shooting of the instrument

Not the player for one is a sin

And one just a plain old crime

And so long Marianne creeped

Into my heart where the tears

Flow crimson from the pain

And I wished she held on like

A crucifix but they knew they

Would laugh when the letters

Had no distance to fly

Or scream or cry about it all

And I could do a puzzle

While others made love

To the night sky

And I could work

Relishing the blood

Tracing the words of

My heart along my palm

And I could read a book

To live within the tale

And forget the pound

Pound pound of the day

Delighting in the night

And the knife could have

Torn but it hadn’t the soul

And I could raise the metal

Hearing its crash upon

My skin cutting my need

Through the scars on my back

And I could love so much

More than the songs can tell

And when my skin felt skin

It moved beyond the touch

Reverberating in the dark

Where the only light

Is the only one we love

Where the crack is thin

But just enough to allow

All we need to feel

The shadow of the girl

Whose name you see

In the eyes reflected

When all you have

Is yourself alone

Broken thoughts

There’s a picture of a man

They believed to follow

His cross dug deep

In their mindless

Faith and she looks

To change my thoughts

While the roses fade to ice

Melting my heart broken

Resting in the decay

Molten leaves rot

In the sun

And she sings

And she prays

And she cries

Out why

Why does the song

Skip the line

Between the path

And the roar

And broken my mind

Bears the crime

There’s a picture

Of a cross where nails

Split the scene

Of what I believe

The folly of love

Thrown upon the flames

Where the temple tore

Down the steeples

Sting of life’s repose

And I cry

And I die

And I fly

Wondering where

The lyrics found

The line to draw

(Draft of random words)

girls in love 

she smiled feeling the skin of her finger caress the palm of her waiting hand. Beyond the walls a man from Belfast sang a tune about a dance. The silver from the New York moon shone through the slit in the curtains tracing a line between their prone bodies splitting the bed in two equal parts, a jigsaw waiting to be pieced together in mutual desire. Somewhere a child with over eager lungs screamed for a mammy who was too drunk to care, a cat shimmied through an alley in the display of metal rubbish bins beneath the window, where their eyes sought the unquestioned answers of a lifetime of timid downcast smiles and whispered hellos. 



Your desires slide freely along

a rainbow shimmering through

the humming blur of a

dragonfly’s wings hovering

over the water lilies,

floating along the bank,

where her naked footfalls

splash in the cooling spring

among coarse grass blades

stretching to tickle faintly

along her curved white thigh.

Languishing in love

Pulsing in lust

Alive in wonder

Jenny holds you now

your body desires her kiss

your mind feeds on  her words.

Escape’s grasp fails

to the sting of nowhere


all you have is hers alone.

Your bag of coins jingles the

Wasted sounds of chattel’s


Your mind and heart,

the cost you feel

concealed with all the rest,

measured in highland peeks

and briny depths of hope,

lost to memory’s void

arriving after and lasting

your squandered eternity

Her love with tender touch

will reach warm fingers

into your chest and caress

what is hers

you will be her one

her only one,

her one true love,

for that moment.

She will cloth your soul

in woven fabric to deceive

your naked hope of eternity.

Later wandering through a desert

of burning sands, each grain

a million memories, skipping

away into your past,

your tears will dry, wasted.

Jenny gave you a taste,

smiled then turned away.

Your mind will languish, vacant,

torn and bleeding from

your hearts path through her

opaque window of whispers,

where loving thorns

lie in flesh filled lines.


Jenny can’t see you behind her

when her eyes are fixed on

the heaving bosom of the next,

floating virginal in front of her view

All now is an echo of her

naked footfalls splashing

in the crystals of her crumbs

© Frank McGivney


wild eyes

Wild Eyes (for she who knows the truth inside)

Her soul fluttered in the rising wind

screamed in the roaring sun

sang in the silent meadow,

bit the juice from life’s desire

Their minds shrank

to the passing touch

of her floating veil

her beauty they missed

in the echo of her scream

Who does she think she is

Could she not be normal

while standing above her station

why do anything, but live to die

she listened to their hate

She cried inside

her tears turned the flame

to an ember

He saw in her all he was himself

he held her hand and she held his

he kissed her lips and then her mind

the fire raged

consumed them both in joy

She gave him all he ever needed

The touch of a flame to make him smile


(c) Frank McGivney