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I forget to remember

I beg them to stay

To lay beside my bed

They were my friends

But off they stray

Away from where

I lost my way.

My words

They’ve gone

So far

From my pen

I feel the trickle

Of my dreams

Trail further

From my mind

I forget sometimes

To remember

But worse

I remember

All the things

I can’t ‘recall

My new pal


It’s calling echoes

In the valley

I hear it’s bell

I fear the hell

It promises

To reveal

When I stand

Lost in my land

The place I’ve know

As home

(C) Frank mcgivney


inside her thoughts


Inside Her Thoughts

the hinge squeaked to your voice

my gait erect i step beyond the pale

venturing to touch the falling petals

from the stem of your mind’s words.

What lay before in a mirrors dream

was what lay inside myself.

I desired to reach beyond the wood

where uncertainly smiles

They flutter on the wings

of crazed butterflies seeking

a home, upon which to grow.

I saw in you all I hear in me.

(C) Frank McGivney 06.02.15