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Inside to drift far from

The torture within

I stray to where

The darkness wakes

The spirit in cold

Shivers of fear

I repose to hear

The peace my mind

Cries to embrace

Alone beneath the

Baltic blankets of

Repair to forgive

The boy inside

The man whose

Anger would destroy

The beauty he builds

To create the peace

He will only find alone

Before the hand

Outstretched can

Embrace the calm

Of a mind healing

From memories


To be overcome

(C) Francis joesph Mcgivney

Sometimes a man understands the desire of others to embrace to help the healing but knows the repairs need to be made alone to prevent them ripping apart over and over and over again. There is a strength in some which others will never know. a strength to be apart in order to rejoin the tribe

The Calm

It hits you soft

gentle in your mind

to smell it in the air

to feel it on your skin

to know

the turmoil will decay

the slash will heal

the demons in your soul

Freedom lies within

the crimson flow

from neck to ground

it sprays then drips

and the sound is fresh

hollow but clean

The return to ash

from where you came


(c) Frankie



London is calling

Falling in the snow

Waiting for my footsteps

To make it through the war

Inside my mind

The battle wages no more

I know my place among the stars

Where she shines upon the ground

Glittering buttercup symphonies

Rise and fall for us

To sing along the grassland hills

Where my heart it waits to roam

Shivering in the cave lights call

I.isten to.myheart as it learns

The way to devour the fear

Upon a midnight quay I stand

to remember forever more

My dear who listens to my voice

She wrote me a poem

A sonnet and a song

With a lonely refrain to cast

A hook of love sweet tune

To embrace beneath the falling

Roar of the waterfalls last hope

One step removed i roam

Among the shadows and the time

To watch the world’s smile

Shimmer to shine among

The heartache and the crime

No prison cell to hold me

No chain to keep me down

She holds the key for me

To sing my endless love

(C) Frankie mcgivney


I lied when i said i cried

i told you it hurt inside

it tore my chest apart

it burnt my eyes my soul

but all you did was make me die

give it to me raw

i’ll take it home

to the fire inside

i’ll burn it all

the whole

to leave the ash

Take it

snort that


and float so high

you leave me to lie

to wallow in my pain

the one i pretend to feel

where the tear


and a stain grows

and I can be






(C) Frank McGivney