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Irish strength

When the crown killed

Our children with hunger

Feed through greed

A nation learned to fight


Talking with words

Rhyming lyrical beauty

While saying nothing at all

A rich culture

Devoid of material wealth

Adorned with tales

And sceals

Of Swans sailing across

The wide sea to heavens door

Silence holds the strength

The foreigners never could

Sense within the feelings

Of the mothers in the uplands

Who dug stones with hands

Worn of nails

And skin trailed with tears

Wept for children


A genocide fed

Of potatoes rotted

And crops on ships

Set sail for English lands

Frankie mcgivney writing of a march day after listening to a historian waxing lyrical with mr tiernan

Long goodbye

Stretching out he reaches but fails to touch the fingers he loves to sense inside his mind feeding the spirit of who he wants to be.

Quiet in himself he resides within thoughts made of claddagh ring eternity enshrined in the unbroken circle of silver band surrounding his heart

Fear of losing if the path is strolled on the left compounds the eternal turmoil of fear beset strolling the path on the right drawing his heart further from the fingers touch

Where’s the water edge? For I long to walk beneath the waves to feel the hollow bath surround the whole of my self. The ripples of the echos blocking the pain of a world outside where joy lies in a blackberry thorn and the red of the morning burns inspiring moments of spontaneous meditative states of mind

Inside the pages the worlds of escape over the sacred release to forget for a spell the long goodbye harrowing through his marrow. A rhyme to celebrate the only drug worthy of consumption the medicine of paragraphs growing into tales of darkness splintered by light

Words of songs linger developing plots unworthy of trust or belief yet as real as reality perceived by a species devoid of the wherewithal to know the dimensions beyond our fickle self determination to be who we can be while ignoring who we are

Frankie writing random words to seek the crack he lost today among the fogs of his mind wondering why the long goodbye keeps playing as lyrics in his soul

Young love remembers that of me

Long ago i used to hear your smiling

in the place where my lonely heart will be

now i stray alone among the lost dreams

Where the thoughts they fade away to whispers

and young love remembers that of me


Alone she wraps the scarf around me

in the tale the wind it shadows free

my eyes they see the strangers fingers

and her smile is lost for you and me

And young love remember that of me


Stolling down the brook now

i listen to the flowers in their bloom

they flutter their prayers to my memory

where the river meanders to a stream

And young love remember that of me


(c) Frank McGivney (a work in progress)


Free writing

A whiskey
With ice?
She’s looking at you
Hard to know
Not really
Why is she blind
She has good taste
And a squint
Her hair is nice
Go talk to her
Do you want to dance with the devil in the pale moon light
Your a bit of a joker
I can be if your bat woman
Sit down soldier
Nice legs
A drink
Sure rum and coke
I write poems
I read some
Yeah sometimes
Durkin, Heaney and kavanagh
He was a miserable fucker
In a majestic way
Let’s go
Where ever the night leads
Typical man
No lets just walk
In the moonlight
By the sea
You are a poet

Poetry unedited of top of my head: the walk (come travel with me)

Wild nature Wallpapers-3

I walked along the path

where leaves fell on wet cement

it was grey

both the ground and the day

i had a moment

one you don’t always notice

the wind was raw

which suits my flaws

and Damien Rice  was singing

in my ears and something

I felt something

A wildness in myself and nature

it all blended into one

It roared inside of me

in a calming way

the shiver went

the day was set

(c) Frank McGivney 09.01.15